Level III, known as an opifex, is the third rank in Loricism. Level III has a firm grasp on all the fundamentals of Loricism enough to begin teaching. The Opifex (artisan) can certify up to Level II, and must spend at least 300 hours at Opifex before promoting to Peritum. Level III practitioners are well-versed in conversations and display enough confidence to maintain self-discipline, even when in the minority (i.e. they still to what is true, logical, or reasonable, even if they're the only ones doing so). They have a well-rounded understanding of logical fallacies and various rhetorical devices, and a higher than average degree of self-mastery. Opifices are expected to represent self-control and possess keen, reasonable communication skills. Students are awarded a dark red shirt for Level The color for this rank is red, and students are typically awarded a red shirt for Level III.