There are eleven core detriments, or hindrances in Loricism; these are traits that prevent one from achieving self-mastery; while there are many other traits that inhibit success, these are simply the ones focused on primarily in Loricism. The goal of Ingenium, one of the three main elements of Loricism, is to remove these detriments through cultivation of a corresponding Virtue. Each detriment is covered under a corresponding Key to Mastery, which provides information and instructions on how to cultivate the virtues that inhibit its opposing detriment. These Keys are simply a means of helping one internalize, comprehend, and practice each virtue.

The DetrimentsEdit

  1. Doubt - A feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction. Overcome by nurturing adequacy. (See: Key One, The Master is Within)
  2. Submission - Yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person. Overcome by asserting authority and temperance. (See: Key Two, Seize Authority)
  3. Fear - A feeling induced by a perceived danger or threat. Overcome by cultivating courage. (See: Key Three, Fear is Fiction)
  4. Neglect - To be remiss in the care or treatment of something. Overcome by cultivating vitality. (See: Key Four, Take Care of the Master)
  5. Resignation - The acceptance of something undesirable but perceived to be inevitable; to quit. Overcome by cultivating resolve. (See: Key Five, Quitting is the Only Failure)
  6. Avoidance - keeping away from or withdrawing from something undesirable. Overcome by nurturing responsibility. (See: Key Six, Vanquish the Saboteur)
  7. Disrespect - a lack of respect towards something. Overcome by developing respect. (See: Key Seven, Respect Yourself)
  8. Distraction - extreme agitation of the mind or emotions. Overcome by promoting focus and discipline. (See: Key Eight, Be Vigilant, Be Diligent)
  9. Deflection - displacement of concern onto other individuals. Overcome by practicing reflection. (See: Key Nine, Focus Within)
  10. Irrationality - action or opinion given through inadequate use of reason. Overcome by practicing prudence. (See: Key Ten, Be Reasonable)
  11. Injustice - lack of fairness or justice. Overcome by promoting justice. (See: Key Eleven, Consider Other Masters)

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