There are 11 "Keys" to help commit the virtues or core concepts of Ingenium to memory. Because Ingenium is a journey of constant self-improvement, a helpful set of tools for developing each Virtue is the 11 Keys (to unlock each one). While it stands to reason that there would be 12 Keys - one for each of the 12 Virtues - Authority and Temperance are combined into one Key, since they both deal with gaining control of your life (one from others and one from your loss of self-control). These 11 Keys are meant to simplify learning each Virtue by teaching a simple core principle behind each Virtue. Think of these like chapter titles, or pithy summaries of each virtue.

They are:

  • Adequacy - The Master is Within. (The potential to succeed is already within you.)
  • Authority - Seize Control. (You are the ultimate authority of your life. You're in charge.)
  • Courage - Fear is Fiction. (Fear is a product of the mind. Any fear based on something yet to happen is made up in our heads.)
  • Vitality - Take Care of the Master. (You are the Master, and you must care for the Master.)
  • Resolve - Quitting is the Only Failure. (The only way to actually fail is to quit altogether.)
  • Responsibility - Vanquish the Saboteur. (Don't get in your own way. Don't make excuses.)
  • Respect - Respect Yourself. (Respect yourself or others won't either.)
  • Discipline - Be Vigilant, Be Diligent. (Be aware of your thoughts and choices. Be diligent in your own growth process.)
  • Reflection - Focus Within. (Do not seek blame. Contemplate your thoughts and actions.)
  • Prudence - Be Reasonable. (Always be reasonable. Think things through before acting.)
  • Justice - Consider Other Masters. (Allow others the same opportunity to control their own lives. Be just.)
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